thank god they all had extra air supply and functional escape pods

I think I’ve put my brain in standby without knowing it. I picked up a book a couple days ago to study and couldn’t concentrate for more than 15 minutes. Uh oh. Why is this happening when I’m about to start an expensive college that my parents are only paying for if I am a model student?

Anyways, today I decided to crack down and get studying. Except I was thinking about the whole brain-in-standby thing and instead of learning like a good kid, I had this thought:

My brain is floating in space. Little people in spacesuits are suppose to be manning my brain-ship, except they are all asleep. They wake up only to find that their laziness has created disaster. A bug has eaten away the button to take the brain-ship off autopilot. Oh no! What to do?! They crash into the moon. KABOOM.


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