where’s a map when you need one

Right now my mom is telling me not so funny medical stories to encourage me that being a doctor is so very carefree. Nothing’s wrong with becoming a doctor mind you, but the problem is, I feel absolutely nothing. Not happy, determined, depressed… nothing. It’s because of that nothingness that makes me doubt this profession. Also I really love to travel. Doctors don’t travel much.

Perhaps it is my already bias opinion of medical doctors. It’s so mixed up that I am now confused.

1. The Doctors from Scrubs

What I’ve done here is saved the best for first. I will not lie. I have watched every single episode of Scrubs up to date (well almost, the new episodes aren’t too hot).

Impressions: doctors are super competitive, daydream, and act like kids. Residents are biznitches.

So what: If being a doctor is like being in Scrubs all the time, then I would be so excited/giddy. But I know better. I still luv this show.

See for yourself:Public Service Announcement, Guy Love, Janitor vs. JD, JD and Turk

The Doctors from House

This show is really dramatic. Basically immediate life or death situations in every episode.

Impressions: Rushy rushy. Serious serious. Mean mean. Ok ok. You you. Get get. The the. Point point. Now now?

And…?: I don’t like so much rushy rushy/seriousness. I bet doctoring is like that.

See for yourself: Insensitive

The Doctors from Grey’s Anatomy

This has got to be the most unfreakingrealistic doctor show out there. Look at him, he’s not even paying attention to the patient or looking at the chart that guy is trying to show him. He’s just like dabbling his fingers in the blood of that guy’s head.

Impressions: Obviously doctors care more about relationships than their actual patients.


See for yourself: I ask you, where’s the doctoring?

Anyways the point is… I don’t know… and I have just wasted 30 minutes of my life putting this together.


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