“Japanese smoke twice as much as Americans, but live twice as long.”



So apparently individual behaviour (smoking, drinking, drugs, etc.) have little to do with living long at all. America is #30 (or #45 depending on which chart thingy you look at) on the list of life expectancy. Japan’s #1. How Japanese people can manage to live the longest, despite the constant danger of suffocating from the amount of people crammed together, is a wonder. The secret is that Japan’s people have better mental health than the U.S.’s. They’re just more socially cohesive than the U.S. For example, just take a look at the two countries’ tourism methods. Have you ever seen a Japanese tourist legging it out on his own? No, you have not. U.S.A.ians like to tough it out independently.

nutshell: Japan is emotionally stable so the people can smoke/drink all they want without consequence.

Group of happy Japanese tourists free of cardiovascular disease. Aww look at them with their little Asian hats and fanny packs.


Lonely American tourist in Southern Morocco very probably going to die of depression and sorrow.1

via the CIA Factbook


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