this is what I did today

  1. The last Harry Potter book’s ending sucked, I felt bad reading it because I don’t remember anything after the fourth book. It was really sappy (I mean come on, Albus Severus???? COME ON). Maybe Rowling got sick and decided to throw up sunshiny fairytale happiness on the last pages. gross
  2. Yay I got a new phone. No more random missed calls and alarms not going off!
  3. Sylvia, in regards to the ‘christma’ incident: Ok fine maybe I did misspell it, but while the internet was puttering along as I was publishing it, I tried to type in an ‘s’ and failed. The intrawebs was too slow so I left it to correct later when I was not on the verge of smashing my laptop into the ground and yelling “WHY ISN’T THERE FREE INTERNET EVERYWHERE, WHY MUST I LEECH OFF SURROUNDING HOUSES LIKE SOMETHING IN THE LEECH FAMILY.” But since you pointed it out, I can’t change it because that is cowardly. I don’t know why, but it is in some way.
  4. Found real love for Trader Joe’s. Yeah its a grocery store. But we won free stuff and ate a lot at the feeding trough – I mean sampling station. The people who work there are strangely energetic and yet, I find myself inexplicably drawn to this grocery store.
  5. I inadvertently somehow destroyed my hard drive. Nooo! Not all my contraband and photos and TAMS downloaded episodes of Bleach that I saved since the TAMS era! Nooooooooo!

Something’s off when the tag has harry potter and grocery stores in the same post.


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  1. Well, I GUESS it is okay because other people have also inadvertently tagged ‘christma’ instead of Christmas. I mean, sure, if you want people to snicker at you. “Oh, this person cannot spell *snicker snicker*.”

    Yeah the epilogue was kind of dumb. Also Dumbledore is gay! How awesome is that? (The answer is totally cool, yo.)

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