nanook of the north

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This is actually a great silent movie. We watched it in Anth Visual Media class and I found it to be quite captivating. But then again many things captivate me. The worship of Mickey Mouse at Disney World for example. It starts out a little bit slow but you got hooked as it progressed. Oh and the mournful/sometimes cheerful orchestra is just awesome.

It’s about this guy named Nanook and his merry little Eskimo family. There was a lot of controversy over how some of the scenes in the igloo were staged but geez, it was 1922, the cameras back then weren’t capable of capturing the small amount of light that goes into their igloos. So instead of a black nothingness scene, you get a lit scene of the inside of igloo that is portrayed as best as possible (I hope don’t take my word for it I’m not an Eskimo Expert).

Anyways Rotten Tomatoes gave it 100%, a fresh tomato, which is a very rare feat for any movie indeed. So if you want to be really cool, you can watch all 1:17 hrs of it. Or you can be lame. Do whatever you want, I don’t control you. Or you can go to 46:54 and watch an Eskimo kid suck at shooting a snow bear 4 inches away from him. There are so many choices for you.


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