let it snow pt.2

2nd week of school:

funniest moment?
The group of girls crying in my Anthropology Visual Media class.

most gruesome moment?
What those group of girls were crying at.

This is not the gruesome thing they were crying at, but this is sort of a foreshadowing.

Ah documentaries. They are sometimes boring, sometimes, funny, sometimes pretty good. Well let me introduce you to one documentary (oh sorry, ethnographic anthropological work blah blah) that starts out sort of ok, and blossoms into OMG WTF THAT WAS UNPREPARED FOR. The movie Dead Birds, a 1965 film by Robert Gardner, is about the Dani people of New Guinea, and follows their life and the innate human behavior to fight each other. Seems pretty normal. Its no Lord of the Rings Helm’s Deep battle scene, and no one actually gets killed during the battles in that movie. Oh and hey look a festival! Pig Tail Festival? That sounds cute! Hey look 12 cute little piglets! I wonder why the narrator isn’t narrating right now. Oh two guys are holding up the piglets by their feet. Stop squealing piglet, they’re probably trying to worship your tail and— OMG THEY JUST SHOT IT IN THE SIDE WITH A 4 FT LONG BLUNT ARROW. ARGH THEY PUT IT DOWN AND NOW ITS RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES WITH BLOOD SPLURTING OUT AND NOW IT FELL DOWN AND IS FEEBLY KICKING THE AIR ALL THE WHILE WITH BLOOD SPLURTING OUT. Now its dead. With blood still spouting. Oh uh that was slightly uncalled for. Shouldn’t they call this the Pig Killing Festi— OMG THEY ARE DOING IT AGAIN, AND THEY JUST LEFT THAT OTHER PIGLET ON THE FLOOR AND NOW ALL THE OTHER PIGLETS KNOW WHAT THEY ARE IN FOR AND ARE TRYING TO ESCAPE AND SQUEALING PITIFULLY WHAT THE HECK WHY DO THEY HAVE TO DO THIS 12 TIMES. Uh ok that was uh, I think everybody in the room is staring blankly/with horror at the screen. Oh great, now they’re cutting off the ears and tails of all those bleeding piglets WTF ONE IS STILL ALIVE THIS IS MASSACRE and cutting them open and scooping out all the blood with leaves and putting their organs in a big pile.

Ok now when there is a insert Animal Name insert Animal Body Part Festival, I know it means they are going to cut off that animal’s body part after killing them. Ok. I got it.


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