That is not the friendly “hiya!” that friends say to each other. It’s the karate chop, judo master, shaolin monk, crouching tiger hidden dragon cry of HIYA

In the spirit of Bruce Lee (who apparently went to UW? I heard he majored in theatre or something. Wow, a lightning fast kung fu master majored in theatre. Amazing. I bet no one dared make fun of him when he was reciting Shakespeare lest he roundhouse kick them in the head), here’s an amazing artist. Also, he’s not just any artist. He drew a portrait of that Korean Chairman, Kim Jong Il using 300cc (500mL) of his own blood and a wall of bandages as a canvas. That’s so sick (not in the gross way but the way when you’re like “Oh dang the new Super Smash Bros looks siiick” way). In most of the art he makes, he shows how he made it, and wow, he really does some amazing stamina demanding things. Like karate chopping a wall for who knows how long.

And he is spirit-of-Bruce-Lee-ish because he made a portrait of Bruce Lee with karate chops and head butts.



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