I actually should be doing Chemistry homework or anything productive, but instead, I browsing the infinite depths of stuff in my computer. It’s pretty crazy in there. Old AIM convos, baby photos O_O, old papers, ancient music. It’s all there. Danggggg

This happened a long time ago, before winter break, but I just remembered I had taken pictures of it while I was looking through some old photos.

I was in the kitchen getting some Superior Tofu deliciousness, and I saw this paper. This reporter must have some sort of humor or rebellious attitude towards the factual basis (a.k.a. what makes up the boringness part of the newspaper) of journalism.


hahahahaahaha stalking people at the Willis Library

BBMak from the TAMS Houston bus rides


Back when I still wasted space to log AIM convos…

tion5: i’m a gonna kill you
chester: why
tion5: well cause i need blood every once in a while
tion5: i’m a vampire
chester: oh
chester: go suck ur own blood
chester: i never understood why vamps dont just like suck each others blood
chester: its like
chester: scratching each others backs
tion5: well vampires are dead
tion5: they don’t like dead blood
tion5: dude have you ever sucked your blood
chester: no
chester: why would i want to
chester: i guess if my lip is bleeding
chester: i do
tion5: i think it tastes nasty
tion5: you sicko
tion5: you suck your own blood
tion5: disgusting
chester: iono bout u
chester: but my blood
chester: tastes real good
chester: it tastes almost like
chester: like
chester: liquid candy
chester: iono
tion5: oh?
tion5: i don’t believe you’re that special
tion5: only awesome peoples have liquid candy blood
chester: dont be jealous because ur blood isnt as tasty as mine
tion5: well fine
tion5: i’m gonna tell a bunch of kids that your blood tastes like candy
tion5: and then they’ll all come and bite you
chester: ummm
chester: im ruthless
chester: i’ll
chester: kick those kids
chester: till they are like dead
chester: so
chester: if u want to send lots of kids to their death
chester: then yes go ahead
tion5: too bad you’re a weakling
tion5: those kids will kick you to the moon
chester: if by moon u mean you and by “you” you mean my foot
chester: then yes
chester: the kids will kick my foot to u
chester: and i will in turn
chester: kick u
tion5: that is very elaborate
thexrevolution5: i had to read that twice
chester: yeah


Deleon Dragons is the best elementary school, it kicks all other elementary schools’ butts to Mars


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  1. You have interesting conversations. NOT WITH ME THOUGH you hater. </3

    There is no one here to stalk. :(

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