president’s day week

This has been the longest 4 day week ever. I spent this whole week thinking it was Wednesday when it was Tuesday, Thursday when it was Wednesday, and Friday when it was Thursday. I blame this on the fact that Monday felt like Sunday so when my brain readjusted, it overshot. Here is my week recap. It is so great and interesting, if ‘great and interesting’ are the required minimal adjectives assigned to every description.



This is my best picture of the lunar eclipse
nothi- oh wait I saw this really bad ass guy walking/smoking/killing his lungs/getting cardiovascular disease down the Ave. And at first I thought there was a monkey or small child on his back… but it was a Chewbacca backpack!!!!!! That was so awesome. Chewbacca was just clinging to a tough guy’s back.

decided to double major in Biology/Anthropology
learned how to use a planner
failed at tennis


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  1. scyberwolf

    I want one of those bookbags or whatever that is lol

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