now I can check this off my list of things to experience

I usually say things like “My brain is going to implode” and “Doing that will implode my brain” or any variation of that sort, but I think today I actually experienced a real live brain implosion. Anyway I only got five hours of sleep today, so I figured I’d cruise through all my classes today and then pass out on the train hugging all my stuff so it doesn’t get stolen. However this was not to be, and it started today in my anthropology quiz section, when we were discussing the differences in the effectiveness/affective-ness of hypermedia vs. books and collaborative films (I know it sounds overly exciting, but please contain yourself, show a little restraint).

So there I was, sitting in the middle rightish of the Fisheries building classroom pretending to listen to everyone’s arguments with great anthropological interest. In reality, I was daydreaming, which isn’t real hard to do when people lace their statements “like” and “ummmm”; two words that when used in serious talks, causes me to zone out and not come back until they perpetrator stops talking. The funny thing was that I was daydreaming (and in this case, the words ‘daydreaming’ and ‘thinking with a blank stare’ are interchangeable) about female circumcision. That sounds so gross on my part, but there’s this girl on America’s Next Top Model (do not even get me started on this show seriously I wish it was a physical being because then I could dropkick that sucker) that’s from Somalia. She got circumcised when she was seven and she says that all she wants to do is become a model and become a role model to all those circumcised little girls who also apparently die everyday from the procedure. O_O…. Yeah so becoming a model will seriously stop a cultural tradition and practice that has been going on way before your embryo existed, or even before your embryo’s embryo’s embryo existed. Anyways I was pondering this issue, wondering how America can eat this all up. Sure circumcision sucks, but what, 2 people die from it in a year (this is not a real statistic but its meant to be showed relative to something else)… also we don’t have a right to alter someone’s culture, you don’t see people coming to America and burning down all our fast food restaurants and banning big gas wasting cars, all of which definitely kills more than 2 people a year from cardiovascular disease and car accidents. And voila! That’s when my brain imploded. What’s that? My brain imploded from thinking? No, my brain imploded, because this entire time while I was thinking, part of my brain was actually paying attention to the class discussion and wanting my mouth to say something extremely important, but unfortunately this part of my brain did not have enough power to do so. Honestly the feeling of my brain imploding was weird. It felt like my brain was boiling in my head with a weird tingly sensation that can only be explained by my brain collapsing in on itself.

The End of an extremely long story.


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