maybe hogwarts does exist

What the… how the… WHAT THE
You guys don’t know how close I was staring at his hands; I was half a inch away from the screen which probably means I will need glasses now.

hur hur hurr imma nerd

Maybe J.K. Rowling was writing like a psuedo autobiography of herself through Harry Potter, and magic is real o_O We Muggles (muggles is such a weird word) are too retarded to comprehend the vastness of magic so she passed it off as a fictional book. So genius Rowling, so genius. Hmm the magic trick could have been done with an invisible guy handing him the cards/drinks and stuff. LIKE SOMEONE IN AN INVISIBILITY CLOAK LIKE IN HARRY POTTER.

P.S. I’m not obsessed with Harry Potter. Definitely mediocre about it to the point that Harry Potter fans would kill me for taking no interest iono I was like 6 months late reading the last book. I just remember up to Book 4 and then some of Harry Potter being bipolar/hitting puberty and then the corny ending of Book 7. I don’t want to give spoilers, but I wish what happened to Harry Potter happened in Opposite World. For example, if Harry had lived, I wish he had died; if Voldemort had died, I wish he had taken over the entire world of wizarding because we all know that evil wins over good on the majority of the days of the week, etc. Just saying you know.  Hypothetically.

P.P.S. DECLARED MY MAJOR IN ANTHROPOLOGY but now I have to go declare it in Biology too sigh.



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2 responses to “maybe hogwarts does exist

  1. Whaaaaaaat that was crazy. I wonder how they do it.

    Also as much as I like HP, the “romance” killed it dead. And one of the deaths in HP7 was ridiculous and had zero meaning and only pissed off the fans. :<

  2. Still… where’d the lighter fluid come from?

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