jackie chan is my homes

I will have to say, martial art films are pretty cool. What with dust coming off their clothes when they get hit, and blocking 100 mph kicks and punches. Whoa like remember in Enter the Dragon where Bruce Lee was fighting Bob Wall a.k.a O’Hara (who was humongous and scarred and made Bruce Lee’s eyes go wide open)… Bruce Lee owned him big time.

Anyways, I just watched Drunken Master again which made me really love Jackie Chan movies again. I think its just been imprinted in my mind since I was a kid. If I ever browsed through TV channels (I was usually waiting in my Dad’s office lounge making sure none of the faculty got to use the TV, because TV is for cartoons and Jackie Chan) I’d always stop if there was a Jackie Chan movie because they are just too awesome. He adds the funniest humor to his film, but don’t be fooled. He can be deathly serious. Deathly serious just look at his face:



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  1. You make me want to go watch old Jackie Chan movies (cuz let’s face it, his old ones are infinitely better than his recent ones :<).

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