This In*: JabbaWockeeZ pwns everybody on ABDC



A tribute to one of the sickest West Coast crews out there**:


So it’s damn near impossible to keep a video of them up, but you can view the full episodes via MTV

ABDC Auditions — Meet the JabbaWockeeZ
BBOYS pop lock and drop it boys


ABDC Episode 1 — Master Mix
Apologize by Timbaland featuring OneRepublic (I always thought that was weird… shouldn’t it be OneRepublic featuring Timbaland? Timbaland is just going ‘eh eh eh’ a million times over in the song)

When I showed my Dad this, he made me show my Mom. I had a really hard time understanding what he wanted me to show Mom because he referred to it as “The One Where the Lights Flash Flash Flash” (in Chinese); Dad, you know the “lights flash” in every crew’s dance in every episode…

“We’re not byterz, we’re your number one fans.”*** Too cute. These guys did all of their dance routines. Well at least the guy on the left did (the guy on the right tries though!). He’s going to be be a dancing machine when he grows up.


ABDC Episode 3 — Challenge: Illusion of Defying Gravity
Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It by Dem Franchize Boyz

This shows how creative they are and why I will love them forever :)


ABDC Episode 5 — Thriller Album’s 25th Anniversary
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) – Michael Jackson

Crowd Pleasers


ABDC Episode 7 — Challenge: Evolution of Hip Hop Dance
Funkytown by Lipps Inc
It’s Like That by Run DMC
It’s Just Begun by Jimmy Castor
Push It by Salt-n-Pepa
Bye Bye Bye by *NSYNC
Get Buck In Here by DJ Felli Fel

“Is that JC???” Yes. Yes it is.

Watch it on



* I couldn’t put “This Just In” because it happened like 14 hours ago. Also, I think that is the first time I’ve ever written/said the word ‘pwn’ and meant it. Usually I make fun of it or use it to mock someone.

** a.k.a. there’s nothing on T.V. (except Spongebob and I despise/am scared of Spongebob) and I’m bored and happy and this gives me an excuse to watch JabbaWockeeZ dance again.

*** According to, this is the definition of byterz:



Hmm that seems to put one in a loop.

Byterz are people who steal other people’s dance moves/routines. I can’t make it any more interesting than the Urbandictionary one.



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8 responses to “This In*: JabbaWockeeZ pwns everybody on ABDC

  1. hey.. first time here… jabbawockeez just so amazing.. i’m going to blog about them also.. :D

  2. jabbawockeez are the tightest crew so far but something new arrives each 5 doubt these kids are sick and original…tight stuff boys..try 2 keep it up ayt!

  3. Virginia Fale

    America’s BEST Dance Crew…yeaya!!

  4. dj naldo

    the jabbrawockeez son lo maximo


  6. the jabbawockeez is amanzing…

  7. …damn…thats hot man…thats really hot….the americas best dance crew….i only wish to watch you in live……

  8. son lo maximo re genial por que no asen una combinacion con el tecno

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