hey guess what

I think I’m in love…..

… with this guy’s voice

Passion (a.k.a Jeremy from San Francisco)


So this quarter, I’m taking a Philosophy class. What a jaw-dropping, eye-opening, thought-provoking class PHIL 242 (Medical Ethics) is. First off, my teacher is excellent. I had doubts because he was so young (looks like he’s in his 30s or 40s, which is not old but when I think ‘Philosopher’ I think about Socrates and old hunching men), but he turned out to be the best teacher I’ve ever had (aside from my ANTH 101 teacher, but they’re neck to neck and its real close). It’s a little mind boggling, the whole thing with morality and ethics. Not as easy as it sounds.

But anyways, today in class, we went over a bunch of Moral theories. The one that popped out at me/made me scoff was the Divine Command Theory. I’m going to get shot for this, but I think the concept is totally should not ever be implemented in society never ever ever.

in a nutshell:
Divine Command Theory
Focus On: Divine commands
What is Good?: Whatever God says is good
Guiding Principle: Act always in accordance with God’s commands.

– you do NOT have to believe in Divine Command Theory to believe in God
* “Divine Command Theorists reject the idea that slavery, torturing babies for fun, or murdering innocents, etc. could never be made morally okay on God’s command. You might protest that God would never command that such horrible things be morally okay. But why not? Presumably because God is benevolent, loving, good God that would never command such horrible things. Notice, however, that this presumes that there is some independent standard we have in mind when we say ‘God is good, he wouldn’t do that!’ If goodness is just whatever God says it is, then it never makes sense to say ‘God is good, he wouldn’t do that!‘ ” *


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  1. That note just confused the poop out of me. What what?

    Why do you get to take all these interesting classes whilst I take ochem whyyyyy I hate myself so much sooooo muuuuuch.

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