This week has been slow and painful and emotional and sometimes happy but mostly not.

The Sleeping Schedule: Go to sleep 1:00 AM, wake up 6:00 AM. This has made my days long and in a dream-like state.

Up until last week, Medical Ethics was all the rage. That was until I found out I was signed up for a presentation this Friday. I spent all of today reading this book like a crazy person:
Unfortunately, that giant baby takes up a ridiculously large amount of space on the front cover. It’s really what people notice first, along with the words “Parental” and “Children’s Futures”, so they think I’m reading some sort of parenting book. Hey guys, it’s “Genetic Dilemmas” not “How To Take Care of Babies”. The baby probably has some sort of man engineered genetic defect or was born in a test tube.

My friend got me this book for my birthday :) And as people know, I love Banksy.
Wall and Piece
He’s like a modern day revolutionist who uses spray cans and stencils as weapons, and walls for battlefields. But right now he’s distracting me with his art.


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  1. Hey, a baby! Wait, why are you reading about babies?? ARE YOU–

    lolz I am jaykay-ing. Sleep more okay? :<

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