My Philosophy teacher is one of those guys who randomly insert strange comments in the middle of pretty serious intense talks. Makes one think though.

On In vitro Fertilization
“There are some couples who have nefarious methods for obtaining eggs for their own nefarious uses.”
“Maybe in the future, we’ll see children as shuttles of DNA.”

On Genetic Counseling
“It’s not like embryos have a seat at the table, or fetuses are the ones to call the shots around here.”
“This argument would not cut… much ice?”

On Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis & Selective Abortion
“Imagine a world without women. Let’s just say reproduction is solved hydroponically, like tomatoes.
“They would have reached those criteria very swimmingly.”


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  1. I like his way of talking, hahaha. If organic chemistry was like that, perhaps I would not fail my class? Too bad!

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