i’m cold

Why is it so cold in Seattle? What happened to summertime? I h8 global warming.

edit: Added mixtape on side bar. I did this instead of studying. For finals. uh oh what have I done

note: Ok that Brian McKnight song is probably the dirtiest one, but it’s really catchy and if you don’t listen to the words it sounds good and not dirty. So don’t listen to the words but definitely listen to the song. What am I doing explaining this for??? STUDY CHRISTINE! Are you an idiot??? Stop listening to music idiot

note no. 2: The damage has officially been done.  I have wasted an hour listening to music.  I h8 my lack of self control.


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One response to “i’m cold

  1. Haha it is 100 degrees here.

    Also, HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE SHRINE I was so sure that I hid it deep enough in my closet that you would never find it. D:

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