tune in to channel 91

I absolutely am not concentrating right now for my two finals tomorrow. A calm has washed over me. Kind of like the calm in the center of hurricane before you know you’re just about screwed and you’re just being inappropriately placid. I’m like that person you see on the news reporting in the middle of a hurricane and saying how terrible the hurricane is going to be and that all of you watching at home will be able to see the exact moment the hurricane hits because I’m going to be standing out there in the storm in the middle of the live wires from the broken electric lines and wreckage and 140 mph wind being calm and tranquil. (I’m basing this off when that level 5 hurricane hit Galveston and I saw the reporter basically about to get blown away on TV, and I thought, what an idiot)

is equal to:

Amor fati my friends.


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One response to “tune in to channel 91

  1. Sounds exactly like what I did for my finals!

    Good luck anyway, m’dear. :P

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