haute mess

I wish DCruz went sans eyeliner in this photo :(

So I am thinking about going to another dance studio in Capitol Hill (Velocity Dance Centre), but it is hard for me to leave Westlake. Westlake is like a bf who is a starving artist type. He is very fun, quirky, and creative but in the end you and him will be living in a cardboard box, washing car windows and singing ditties for money. While he brings much to the table “mentally”, you know you are not ready to commit to a long term relationship and raise little homeless kidz with him. Velocity is the mold of a perfect bf. He is wholesome, kind, a good listener, and well respected in the global community. However, he is only a plaster mold of the perfect bf and has no individualistic thought/is kind of dumb when it comes to being culture smart. He thinks global warming is better for his tan. He is only good as a foundation until you tire of him and begin to think of quirky fun artist guy and if he is still single. No one wants to raise little plaster cast kidz with plaster mold perfect bf guy and live a sad plaster-y life in suburbia.

I don’t know what to do. Is it shallow of me to use perfect bf mold until I no longer need him and then cavort off with quirky fun artist guy? Is it wrong to take the money out of perfect bf mold’s pocket and use it to finance my life with QFA guy?

I think perfect bf mold is a better fit for me right now, I need him to jumpstart my career as a successful person, but I don’t know how to let QFA guy down gently. Should I just tell him we are taking a long ‘break’? It’s me not you? What if he finds out I am with another guy? I don’t want to lose him forever, or be ‘just friends’.



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2 responses to “haute mess

  1. Jeffrey

    I think you should just play around with different dance studios – at least in my experience, each instructor has their own style / teaching method and I think the more of them you are exposed to the better you get =]

  2. Best analogy ever. <3

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