a post abt my life & regrets

Taking a project break and thinking about life.

I should have been these ‘delightful’ AmericanAppy grapes for Halloween.

(They look like a fun Hanes commercial.  Very jealous)

On Sunday, I was alone at work so I turned the radio up/danced.  I heard the same songs 2 times in <2 hrs.  It makes me sad knowing the state of the radio world today. It does not invigorate the same excitement on me as it did when I was a tweenster.

Somebody wants me to take a Strip-hop (strip/hip-hop?) dance class with them.  It is taught by a real stripper.  Is this out of my zone of comfort?  Am I being too close-minded?  Perhaps I should become a freespirited-strongliberal-xtremerisktaker to fit in.

My Winter09 schedule looks like a π.  Why am I unable to escape mathematical functions? (aside from adding/subtracting/etc because that is absurb to exist without them)

I have been experimenting with a daily regime of “runners high” and I did not know it meant a literal feeling of your legs floating off the ground.  I haven’t decided if it is a likeable feeling.

An old man who was once a cab driver in Nigeria and a historian told me today at the bus stop that Australians see the world map in a different perspective.  Although I continued to talk to him in a believing manner, I thought his Australian World Map proposal was utterly ridiculous.

(My bad)

In 5 yrs I see myself becoming an undercover 3rd-world-country factory liberator/tribal dancer/kiwi biologist/heavily tatooed, but in job interviews I say something different.


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