Reality is gray, and colors are the accents.  Reality is conforming to the norm of society in order to survive, in order to earn income and have a roof over your head when it rains.  Colors are the superficial, aesthetically pleasing, “ne’er do wells” that serve nothing more than try to instill a uniqueness in the otherwise gray factual (physically hypothetical) world.

I had a discussion with somebody who had already decided that the colors were distracting in life, and all that mattered was the functionality and physical being of the gray matter.

Realism. Reality.

Priority was studying hard to get a good education, sealing a secure career, and providing for your family or those you feel close to.  Even if that means giving up a good opportunity for schoolwork.  That’s maturity.  That’s something I can never achieve because at the back of my mind, I still want to believe that people can be able to live passionately.  I think individuality, diversity, and empathy should co-exist.  I believe in being free-spirited (which shares a border with carelessness), never passing up a opportunity, and being confident in your beliefs.  To be a dreamer.  I can’t just see gray.

I want color.

Sometimes I hate heart 2 hearts w/ people… they force me to start butting heads w/ them.



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2 responses to “color

  1. There was this quote in this comic I read that was something like “Seeing all the colors even for one second is better than a thousand years of gray.”

    Besides, gray is boring.

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