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Randomness is a lack of order, purpose, cause, or predictability in non-scientific parlance



Reality is gray, and colors are the accents.  Reality is conforming to the norm of society in order to survive, in order to earn income and have a roof over your head when it rains.  Colors are the superficial, aesthetically pleasing, “ne’er do wells” that serve nothing more than try to instill a uniqueness in the otherwise gray factual (physically hypothetical) world.

I had a discussion with somebody who had already decided that the colors were distracting in life, and all that mattered was the functionality and physical being of the gray matter.

Realism. Reality.

Priority was studying hard to get a good education, sealing a secure career, and providing for your family or those you feel close to.  Even if that means giving up a good opportunity for schoolwork.  That’s maturity.  That’s something I can never achieve because at the back of my mind, I still want to believe that people can be able to live passionately.  I think individuality, diversity, and empathy should co-exist.  I believe in being free-spirited (which shares a border with carelessness), never passing up a opportunity, and being confident in your beliefs.  To be a dreamer.  I can’t just see gray.

I want color.

Sometimes I hate heart 2 hearts w/ people… they force me to start butting heads w/ them.


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food for thought

When you cook a crane, make sure that the head does not touch the water, but is outside it. When it has been cooked, wrap it in a warm cloth and pull its head.

APICUS (first-century C.E. Roman gourmet)

Child With Goose
. Louvre Museum, Paris, France. Artist/Maker Unknown.

“Maybe we can sleep in
I’ll make you banana pancakes
pretend like it’s the weekend now

And we can pretend it all the time,
Can’t you see that it’s just raining
there ain’t no need to go outside” (hate you so bad Seattle rain)
(want you so bad banana pancake)

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a post abt my life & regrets

Taking a project break and thinking about life.

I should have been these ‘delightful’ AmericanAppy grapes for Halloween.

(They look like a fun Hanes commercial.  Very jealous)

On Sunday, I was alone at work so I turned the radio up/danced.  I heard the same songs 2 times in <2 hrs.  It makes me sad knowing the state of the radio world today. It does not invigorate the same excitement on me as it did when I was a tweenster.

Somebody wants me to take a Strip-hop (strip/hip-hop?) dance class with them.  It is taught by a real stripper.  Is this out of my zone of comfort?  Am I being too close-minded?  Perhaps I should become a freespirited-strongliberal-xtremerisktaker to fit in.

My Winter09 schedule looks like a π.  Why am I unable to escape mathematical functions? (aside from adding/subtracting/etc because that is absurb to exist without them)

I have been experimenting with a daily regime of “runners high” and I did not know it meant a literal feeling of your legs floating off the ground.  I haven’t decided if it is a likeable feeling.

An old man who was once a cab driver in Nigeria and a historian told me today at the bus stop that Australians see the world map in a different perspective.  Although I continued to talk to him in a believing manner, I thought his Australian World Map proposal was utterly ridiculous.

(My bad)

In 5 yrs I see myself becoming an undercover 3rd-world-country factory liberator/tribal dancer/kiwi biologist/heavily tatooed, but in job interviews I say something different.

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5:00 AM

My photostitching skills really suck.

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i’m cold

Why is it so cold in Seattle? What happened to summertime? I h8 global warming.

edit: Added mixtape on side bar. I did this instead of studying. For finals. uh oh what have I done

note: Ok that Brian McKnight song is probably the dirtiest one, but it’s really catchy and if you don’t listen to the words it sounds good and not dirty. So don’t listen to the words but definitely listen to the song. What am I doing explaining this for??? STUDY CHRISTINE! Are you an idiot??? Stop listening to music idiot

note no. 2: The damage has officially been done.  I have wasted an hour listening to music.  I h8 my lack of self control.

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just wondering

Isn’t it weird when people say “This is the _______est day of my life.”

How do they know?

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i’m nomming all the time

You can’t wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
Jack London

funny pictures

Currently nomming: blueberries, instead of brainstorming project.

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