lost girls

I couldn’t really find a picture of the girls, which just goes to show my point.

My AppliedAnth project is about the underrepresentation of the “Lost Girls of Sudan”, and helping them become enculturated into the United States via culturally sensitive/specific community centers (hopefully advocating the root of the problems at the refugee camps in Kenya too).  I was a little wary about just focusing on the Lost Girls (which is not really a term used for the girl refugees, but just a reciprocal term of the “Lost Boys of Sudan”, who in turn got their names from the kids in Peter Pan that banded together in Neverland), but when looking up articles in the library, I found out that less than 3% of the U.S. refugees from the 2nd Sudanese war were female.  This was a result of gender stereotypes from the UN — so although the girls were the same age as the boys, they were deemed too young to travel to the United States, and were instead placed in the care of foster parents in the Kakuma Kenya refugee camp (and then those foster parents sold the girls to be slaves, brides, and whatnot so they could feed themselves).  Also, there were not many girls to start out with; they were usually at home when the villages were attacked, and the boys were mostly out herding cattle.  Anyways, not being infinitely filled with knowledge, I had to go “research” it, “research” being wikipediaing a subject, and clicking on the external links at the bottom (I hate skipping all of it because my original project was on Sudanese refugee overcrowding in Chad, but my professor said that was an awfully difficult societal problem to fix don’t you think?).  I finally saw this:


I got really excited.  I mean, maybe this could give me resources, literature, media, organizations, specific NGOs, ongoing projects, and I could contact them for more information.  Let’s click on it — maybe there is hope for this community after all.



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soo excited yall

Inauguration Day.  Wish I could be there.

inaugurationVodpod videos no longer available.


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food for thought

When you cook a crane, make sure that the head does not touch the water, but is outside it. When it has been cooked, wrap it in a warm cloth and pull its head.

APICUS (first-century C.E. Roman gourmet)

Child With Goose
. Louvre Museum, Paris, France. Artist/Maker Unknown.

“Maybe we can sleep in
I’ll make you banana pancakes
pretend like it’s the weekend now

And we can pretend it all the time,
Can’t you see that it’s just raining
there ain’t no need to go outside” (hate you so bad Seattle rain)
(want you so bad banana pancake)

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Friendz, I hate finals week :(



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Rent – I’ll Cover You (Reprise)

vifehundred twentyfive hundred little punkishmans this sucks big time

shadowkid1993, YouTube – Seasons of Love – Rent (Music Video) comments


(Had to replace w/ Live Broadway version, Jesse Martin sings the same/better than movie anyways)


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a post abt my life & regrets

Taking a project break and thinking about life.

I should have been these ‘delightful’ AmericanAppy grapes for Halloween.

(They look like a fun Hanes commercial.  Very jealous)

On Sunday, I was alone at work so I turned the radio up/danced.  I heard the same songs 2 times in <2 hrs.  It makes me sad knowing the state of the radio world today. It does not invigorate the same excitement on me as it did when I was a tweenster.

Somebody wants me to take a Strip-hop (strip/hip-hop?) dance class with them.  It is taught by a real stripper.  Is this out of my zone of comfort?  Am I being too close-minded?  Perhaps I should become a freespirited-strongliberal-xtremerisktaker to fit in.

My Winter09 schedule looks like a π.  Why am I unable to escape mathematical functions? (aside from adding/subtracting/etc because that is absurb to exist without them)

I have been experimenting with a daily regime of “runners high” and I did not know it meant a literal feeling of your legs floating off the ground.  I haven’t decided if it is a likeable feeling.

An old man who was once a cab driver in Nigeria and a historian told me today at the bus stop that Australians see the world map in a different perspective.  Although I continued to talk to him in a believing manner, I thought his Australian World Map proposal was utterly ridiculous.

(My bad)

In 5 yrs I see myself becoming an undercover 3rd-world-country factory liberator/tribal dancer/kiwi biologist/heavily tatooed, but in job interviews I say something different.

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vote yall


Pandemonium in downtown Seattle.  We did it yall.

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