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Don’t you love how language books always look like they are made for small children. Ridiculous, dogs can’t talk! haha

Last days of small classes are always awkward for me, especially when you know the teacher on an “acquaintance” level. You never know if you should make a big deal about possibly never seeing your professeur again — someone that knows your name and that you had small talk conversations with — or just to walk out and probably look like an uncaring jerk (but spare you from the undignified “thanks you SO much”s and “I’ve learned so so very much from you”s).

Do you walk out with a group of people so it eliminates the one-on-one pressure (I’ve never done this, but it seems to be popular)? The polite-smile-and-look-down-while-walking-away-approach? The say nothing/do nothing/look at nothing technique? The “suck up that everyone else in the class wants to punch in the nose” goodbye?

Modalities Implemented this Qtr

Applied Anthro I just left because nearly everybody was trying to strike up a 5 minute long goodbye with her, and I didn’t want to wait around just to say wave goodbye (also it was mainly because I hadn’t eaten breakfast and really wanted food). But I did write her a note, which I stuffed in a book that I was returning to her. It was filled with the thank yous and you’re awesomes of struggling individual that badly wants to network with their professors.

French Said “Merci, au revoir” quietly while turning in my exam, but my teacher messed it up by grinning and saying “Au revoir Christine!” extremely loudly and disturbing everybody — and I thought teachers were suppose to be the professional ones. But I did end up keeping in touch with him (networking, baby), therefore all is forgiven.

Dance Hugged her, said I LOVE U RHONDA, and left. I think I only did this because I got hit in the head with a projectile rose while I was watching someone else’s performance. But she was awesome, so I guess it worked out pretty well.

3 courses down, still have Latin/Greek to go.

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